Episode 504: “UFO” Jim Ledwith http://spookysouthcoast.hipcast.com/deluge/SSC-504-UFO_Jim.mp3 We are joined by Jim Ledwith, aka UFO Jim, to discuss his research into the Roswell crash, which just observed its 70th anniversary earlier this week. Jim also...

April 15, 2006: Peter Robbins

PETER ROBBINS April 15, 2006. Guest: Peter Robbins, co-author of “Left at East Gate,” about the December 1980 UFO sightings at two airbases surrounding the Rendlesham Forest in the United Kingdom. Features audio evidence of the sigthings, as well as...

April 8, 2006: Heidi Hollis

Heidi Hollis   April 8, 2006. Guest: Heidi Hollis author of “The Secret War A True Story About A Real Alien War And Shadow People”. Topics: Shadow People, aliens, UFOs, Martin Luther King assassination...
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