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1 year ago

I’m trying to track down the use of a word and was hoping someone has some insight...

Espers...especially as meaning balls of light...

It’s not the slang for ESPers (too old and rural for ... See more

1 year ago

Vampire witches who take the form of owls to hunt their prey. An illiterate career soldier who crawled from the dead only to never tell his tale. An ancient curse still making itself known in the ... See more

1 year ago

There will be no new episodes of Spooky Southcoast for a few weeks as the station is closed until further notice.

1 year ago
9 Jamaican Myths About Duppies (Ghosts) -

These are some really good bits of advice if the spirits are all up on you or you want to protect yourself...I'm just not sure if you need to be Jamaican for them to work...

A duppy – in Jamaican culture – is a restless good and bad ghost or spirit. The bad duppies are said to be set onto persons through obeah practices while the good duppies are those of friends and ... See more

1 year ago

Too soon? It’s become the punchline of jokes and the focus of memes across social media, but is it a question worth asking?

Tripping on Legends Live…The Morbid Haunted is ... See more

1 year ago
Spooky Southcoast

Almost time to go #SpookyLive! Tune in NOW #paranormal #talk #radio #talkradio #UFO #ghost #cryptid

Welcome to the official YouTube channel of the hit paranormal talk show "Spooky Southcoast." Here you will be able to see all the video versions of our weekl...

1 year ago

Perfect treat for a Friday the 13th...

Epsiode 7 of Tripping on Legends, Tripping with the Devil, is now up...

1 year ago

So many ghosts, so many suspects, so little time...

1 year ago

There’s an old Seminole legend, an illiterate soldier who somehow survived a massacre when those more skilled and more articulate didn’t, and a blood-sucking owl witch. Simple, right.

The ... See more

1 year ago

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