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1 week ago

Now we’ve had two Triangle based TV you think these ideas hold true?

1 week ago

I don’t this ever made it to the official episode feed, but it was fun and interesting...and even I learned a thing or two...

1 week ago
This Town Is Myth…Iron Bridge and the Deadly Withlacoochee

Water, Water, Water...the post is finished and up...

All along the Withlacoochee River people talk about the oddness in the water, and in what was once Pemberton Ferry, everyone knows you try to swim near Iron Bridge.

2 weeks ago

Episode 594: Real Story of "The Conjuring" Farmhouse

2 weeks ago
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Episode 594: Real Story of "The Conjuring" Farmhouse, via Spooky Southcoast

2 weeks ago
Episode 594: The Real Story Behind "The Conjuring" Farmhouse

Here is the video replay of tonight's Spooky Southcoast, talking about #TheConjuring farmhouse with Amy Bruni, Adam Berry and Kenny Biddle, as seen on #KindredSpirits this week. Audio podcast also ... See more

We're joined in the first hour by researcher Kenny Biddle, who shares with us what he's found to be the true story of "The Conjuring" farmhouse in Harrisvill...

2 weeks ago
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2 weeks ago

Working on a write up on the deadliest body of water in Florida...

What are other water places you know if with a haunted tales or a long history of unexplained deaths?

2 weeks ago
Spooky Southcoast

Tonight on Spooky Southcoast, we are going deep into the case of "The Conjuring" house with Amy Bruni, Adam Berry and Kenny Biddle. Calls welcome as well. Watch/listen/chat at 10 pm Eastern at ... See more

Welcome to the official YouTube channel of the hit paranormal talk show "Spooky Southcoast." Here you will be able to see all the video versions of our weekl...

2 weeks ago

To all of my cemetery experts...

Can anyone tell me what some of these beautiful markings mean?

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