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3 weeks ago

There’s an old Seminole legend, an illiterate soldier who somehow survived a massacre when those more skilled and more articulate didn’t, and a blood-sucking owl witch. Simple, right.

The ... See more

4 weeks ago

Last Night's Live Show

1 month ago
The Legend Of Black Aggie: How Everything Began

Can a statue be haunted? What's one near you with a ghostly legend attached?

The legend of “Black Aggie” is renowned for her distinguished career of terrifying and catapulting death and ill-fortune upon many a soul. But Black Aggie, who was named after General Felix ... See more

1 month ago

The only thing better than this legend is our exploration of some of history’s worst love potions in the second half of the episode...

1 month ago

Episode 64...Mr. Coker Isn't Here is now up…

Beside an orange grove in the middle of nowhere lies a once forgotten ... See more

1 month ago
Spooky Southcoast

Coming up at 10, we are going to have what could be a very controversial edition of Spooky Southcoast with Al Tyas as our guest. Tune in just after 10 pm Eastern at

Welcome to the official YouTube channel of the hit paranormal talk show "Spooky Southcoast." Here you will be able to see all the video versions of our weekl...

1 month ago
Eight Movies About New England Witches You Should Watch

Although the Puritan era witch trials ended centuries ago, the fear of and fascination with witches still lingers in New England. Witchcraft...

1 month ago
Terror Con

Please welcome Stephanie Burke - Psychic Medium to Terror Con, coming June 13 & 14 at the Rhode Island Convention Center​. Buy tickets at!

Stephanie Burke has been very ... See more

1 month ago

Tripping on Legends Live...Famous Cases: The Haunted Vacation is now ... See more

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