14 Songs About Bigfoot That Don’t Suck

bigfoot songs image figure in woods

The Elusive Bigfoot

As elusive as Bigfoot is, so are quality songs about him (or her). The first I came across was “The Yeti” off of the album Elephant Riders by the rock band Clutch, finding this song on Spotify was a joy for me seeing as i hadn’t heard this song since last I owned this album back in my high school days. That song sparked a quest if you will and lead me on a journey through the abyssal and seemingly endless songs on the Spotify music service.

My task was laid out in front of me: Find songs about Bigfoot that don’t suck and I found 14 of them (including a Bigfoot Xmas song to my surprise). Though these aren’t the only songs to feature the hairy bipedal beast, they are some of the songs i enjoyed and i hope you do as well.
*BONUS song by Don Jones titled “Bigfoot” NOT found on Spotify but discovered on YouTube

If you’ve heard a song not on this list but you think we’d enjoy it leave a comment below.

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