Spooky Southcoast has been on the airwaves since 2006. Since then we’ve had shows/podcasts on topics ranging from Ghosts and Hauntings to UFO’s and Cryptids. WBSM has somehow let us keep coming back to do the show every Saturday night here in New Bedford, MA for over 10 years.

In it’s genesis, SSC began with Tim Weisberg and Matt Costa at the helm but has since brought on board scientist at large Matt Moniz, renowned author Chris Balzano and psychic medium Stephanie Burke.

More importantly the listeners and viewers of Spooky Southcoast are as much a part of the show as the “Spooky Crew” with multiple ways of interacting during the show. Whether it’s the chatroom during our LIVE Youtube stream, on Twitter using #SPOOKYLIVE, Facebook LIVE and of course live call-ins (1-877-996-1420).

Tim Weisberg

Tim Weisberg


Chris Balzano

Chris Balzano

Content Director

Stephanie Burke

Stephanie Burke


Matt Moniz

Matt Moniz

Science Advisor

What’s the Show About?

We discuss a range of topics, from Cryptids to Ghosts to Aliens and Everything inbetween. Here’s a meaningless graph to illustrate some of the topics we discuss.

  • Ghosts 80% 80%
  • Legends 70% 70%
  • Cryptids 65% 65%
  • Aliens/UFOs 75% 75%
  • Snacks 93% 93%



Truth behind UFOs – Dr. Irena Scott

Dr. Irena Scott joins us to talk about the truth behind UFOs and her personal experiences in including an encounter in the Bridgewater Triangle. We also get some more information about the upcoming X-Filers Unite conference (April 26-28, 2019)  with Val and Jaimy, organizers of the event. 

Small Town Monsters – Seth Breedlove Adam Duggan

With the rest of the Spooky Crew all out of the studio, Tim is left without a voice but still has a fascinating discussion with Seth Breedlove and Adam Duggan of Small Town Monsters, talking about their upcoming projects “On the Trail of Bigfoot,” “Terror in the Skies” and “MOMO.”

13th Anniversary Show

We celebrate our 13th anniversary on the air, and Jessica calls in to solicit experiences from the Bridgewater Triangle for an upcoming television show.

Strangeness of Hellier │ Greg and Dana Newkirk

We explore the new documentary series from Dana and Greg Newkirk, Hellier. The documentary explores UFOs, “goblins” in mines, and high strangeness in the Appalachian Mountains.

Just Paranormal Things

With the SpookyCrew all in the studio for the first show of the new year. The gang shoots around some paranormal topics and discuss what’s to come in the new year.

People as Paranormal Receptors – Danny Roberge

Danny Roberge of Big Beard Studios joins us to talk about the idea of people as paranormal receptors.

Psychics who Charge

Tim and Matt Costa discuss a number of paranormal topics. including psychics who charge as opposed to those who give readings away for free on social media.

Mind of Moniz

We start off discussing a wide variety of topics, but soon go down a different path as we get Matt Moniz to open up about his personal UFO abduction experiences. Also, Michelle Freed Bulgatz joins us to resurrect “The Week in Weird.”

Stepping Out of Eden – Dr. Rita Louise

We are joined by Dr. Rita Louise, author of the new book “Stepping Out of Eden,” to talk about the history and development of mankind, and how that led to today’s belief in the paranormal.

Horror Movies and Paranormal Talk

John Brightman joins Tim and Matt Costa to talk about horror movies, particularly the classics vs. the modern age of horror, and also some paranormal topics as well.

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