Spooky Southcoast has been on the airwaves since 2006. Since then we’ve had shows/podcasts on topics ranging from Ghosts and Hauntings to UFO’s and Cryptids. WBSM has somehow let us keep coming back to do the show every Saturday night here in New Bedford, MA for over 10 years.

In it’s genesis, SSC began with Tim Weisberg and Matt Costa at the helm but has since brought on board scientist at large Matt Moniz, renowned author Chris Balzano and psychic medium Stephanie Burke.

More importantly the listeners and viewers of Spooky Southcoast are as much a part of the show as the “Spooky Crew” with multiple ways of interacting during the show. Whether it’s the chatroom during our LIVE Youtube stream, on Twitter using #SPOOKYLIVE, Facebook LIVE and of course live call-ins (1-877-996-1420).

Tim Weisberg

Tim Weisberg


Chris Balzano

Chris Balzano

Content Director

Stephanie Burke

Stephanie Burke


Matt Moniz

Matt Moniz

Science Advisor

What’s the Show About?

We discuss a range of topics, from Cryptids to Ghosts to Aliens and Everything inbetween. Here’s a meaningless graph to illustrate some of the topics we discuss.

  • Ghosts 80% 80%
  • Legends 70% 70%
  • Cryptids 65% 65%
  • Aliens/UFOs 75% 75%
  • Snacks 93% 93%



Stepping Out of Eden – Dr. Rita Louise

We were joined by Dr. Rita Louise author and historian discussing her new book Stepping Out of Eden. Questioning the concept of human origin to a whole new level.

Open Lines with John Brightman

John Brightman joins us as we talk about our favorite horror movies

Tarot Readings with Spirit Medium Lynne-Marie

Spirit Medium Lynne-Marie talks with us about her gift, tarot readings and live calls.

Paranormal in our Everyday Lives

Taylor Cormier, WBSM News Director, stopped by to the Spooky Studio as we discuss the impact of the paranormal on our everyday lives.

Notorious New England │ Summer Paradis -Sandra Graul

Pre-Halloween #paranormal talk! We talk Notorious New England with Summer Paradis and Sandra Graul

Near-Death Experience – Nancy Rynes

We Discussed Near-Death Experiences and the spiritual component of them with Nancy Rynes author of the book Awakenings from the Light.

Paracon Recap with Ty Gowen

We’re back after taking a week off for the Plymouth Paracon and venture into some interesting things that happened when Stephanie and Ty Gowen (from Haunt-Me.com) try the Estes Method.

Amazing Spirit Communication in Plymouth Church [VIDEO]

Spirit communication has been attempted for thousands of years; even today, it’s at the very crux of most paranormal investigation. Personally, I’ve been researching the paranormal for about 13 years now, and I’ve had some very intriguing examples of real-time...

2018 Annual Bridgewater Triangle Show

We explore the Bridgewater Triangle with LIVE investigators out in the field!

Paranormal Potpourri – Shows of Future Past

Tim and the gang talk about the world of the paranormal and reminisce about Spooky Southcoast episodes of yesteryear including the infamous “Backyard Podcast” and Tim tells us about some experiences from his youth.

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