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The Scent of a Yeti

So we have heard about body sprays attracting people or bug sprays to prevent the attraction of mosquitoes but have you heard of Bigfoot Attraction spray?

This article, as reported by the Charlotte Observer, was just released but Allie Megan Webb of Happy Body Care in North Carolina invented the spray. She claims that its “environmentally friendly” and is apparently capable of attracting any “curious hairy, bipedal hominid within half a mile.” a few people have questioned her and asked how it really works and her response was “I guess I could ask how do you know it doesn’t work?”

“Environmentally friendly…capable of attracting any curious hairy, bipedal hominid within a half mile”

What Do You Think?

I personally don’t know what to think about it…maybe once hits stores. If it does ill try it out!

Source: Charlotte Observer


Ashley Turner
Ashley Turner
Ashley Turner is Spooky Southcoast's Paranormal News Correspondent dishing out a dose of the unusual on our Week in Weird segment.

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