Finding Bigfoot – Cliff Barackman

Finding Bigfoot – Cliff Barackman

Cliff Barackman of Finding Bigfoot joins us to give us some insight into Bigfoot phenomenon around the country as well as encounters and evidence he’s collected.

Chris F Cogswell – Director of Research MUFON

Chris F Cogswell – Director of Research MUFON

Chris shares with us his vision for how MUFON should approach UFO investigation in the 21st century, taking an approach that looks at both the physical and the metaphysical as possibilities.

Glen MacPherson – Global Hum Phenomenon

Dr. Glen MacPherson joins us to discuss the work he’s been researching on the world hum phenomenon. In hour two we’re join by Ross McHugh and Dan Lozzi of Branch Davidian to talk about crossovers of the paranormal into metal.

12th Anniversary Show

The Spooky Crew celebrates 12 years of paranormal talk radio with John Brightman stopping by the Spooky Studio . We also took some phone calls and reminisced with listeners about being on the WBSM airwaves these past 12 years.

The Ghost Post – Tara Theresa Hill

We were joined by author Tara Theresa Hill to discuss ghost stories and paranormal encounters she’s gathered for her website The Ghost Post.

Paranormal Jibba Jabba

To kick off the new year, Tim and Stephanie share all the places they’ll be in 2018 with upcoming trips and events, and then we also discuss some random facts from…

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