Parapsychologist Peter Haviland

Parapsychologist Peter Haviland

Parapsycologist, hypnotist and paranormal researcher Peter James Haviland joined us this past week. We discussed his work in the field of the paranormal, cold cases and hypnosis.

Open Lines, Creepy Dolls and Bigfoot

Open Lines, Creepy Dolls and Bigfoot

We have one of our infamous “Paranormal Potpourri” nights, where we talk about anything and everything and take calls from the listeners.

Alternate Ghost Theories – Brandon Masullo

Author, psychologist and parapsychologist Brandon Massullo joins us to discuss alternate theories of ghosts. If not dead people, what are they? How do living people influence paranormal activity? We get into all of that, and more.

Weird Fresno – Mike Banti

Our guest Mike Banti of joins us to discuss all things strange and weird in the Fresno and surrounding area as well as paranormal news throughout the world.

Art Bell Tribute Show with Chris Balzano

Tim and Chris Balzano reflect on the work of Art Bell after his recent passing and Tim experiments with the Estes Method and Echovox with interesting results.

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