The Military Medium – Dean McMurray

The Military Medium – Dean McMurray

This week we were joined by 24 year army veteran Dean McMurray “The Military Medium” as he talks about his journey of how he found his gifts and readings from callers.

Doogie & Porter from Haunted Towns

Doogie & Porter from Haunted Towns

Doogie and Porter from Travel Channel’s Most Haunted Towns join us to talk about their upcoming live show.
John Brightman joins us in the second hour for the anniversary of the Bordens Murders.

Live(ish) from Lily Dale

Live(ish) from Lily Dale

Tim Weisberg is joined by legendary WBSM morning show host Phil Paleologos, as well as Ellen Ratner of Fox News and former U.S. Congressman Bob Ney, as they welcome some of the practicing mediums that call Lily Dale home.

Highway Murders – Maureen Boyle/Aaron Cadieux

The unsolved New Bedford Highway Murders, 30 years later. Maureen Boyle and Aaron Cadieux join us to talk about the New Bedford highway murders that occurred between July 1988 and June 1989.

General Talk and Open Lines

With Stephanie back in the Spooky Studio, we kick around the topic of whether or not paranormal investigators should take it upon themselves to speak up when they see others posting “evidence” that is nothing more than pareidolia.

Parapsychologist Peter Haviland

Parapsycologist, hypnotist and paranormal researcher Peter James Haviland joined us this past week. We discussed his work in the field of the paranormal, cold cases and hypnosis.

Open Lines, Creepy Dolls and Bigfoot

We have one of our infamous “Paranormal Potpourri” nights, where we talk about anything and everything and take calls from the listeners.

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