Is This Video Evidence of a Sea Creature in an Albanian Lake?

This video was brought to our attention this past week posted last month and has since been seen on a number of viral websites. Since it’s release it’s sparked investigation and discussion among cryptozoologists and skeptics alike.

What is It?

The video appears to be something emerging from Prespa lake almost snake like and submerging again under the water. the video cuts as the “creature” bobs for a second and lowers into the depths. The bobbing of the creature has me questioning whether its something buoyant like a piece of driftwood. A creature, you would assume, would have a more natural ‘swim like’ way to submerge. However this doesn’t discredit the validity of the footage, only adds to the question at hand. What is It?


According to Sima Jonoski, a retired geography professor who leads tours around the lake, “…a ship sank near Mali grad, a lot of children drowned in Prespa Lake…” “..then I found out that the divers who searched for them saw great catfish.” “They were so scared that they stopped the search.” But was it catfish they saw? Could the divers who searched the depths of Prespa lake have stumbled upon something more exotic?

The Great Prespa Lake, and the nearby Small Prespa Lake, are the highest tectonic lakes in the Balkans, at an altitude of 853 metres (2,798 ft).

Lakes and large bodies of water have always garnered tales of sea creature and monsters from the Ogopogo to Champ to Nessie but do these legends hold any water(pun intended)?

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Source: NESSIE ON TOUR Is this the moment the Loch Ness Monster’s cousin was snapped in Albania?


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