Spooky Southcoast has been on the airwaves since 2006. Since then we’ve had shows/podcasts on topics ranging from Ghosts and Hauntings to UFO’s and Cryptids. WBSM has somehow let us keep coming back to do the show every Saturday night here in New Bedford, MA for over 10 years.

In it’s genesis, SSC began with Tim Weisberg and Matt Costa at the helm but has since brought on board scientist at large Matt Moniz, renowned author Chris Balzano and psychic medium Stephanie Burke.

More importantly the listeners and viewers of Spooky Southcoast are as much a part of the show as the “Spooky Crew” with multiple ways of interacting during the show. Whether it’s the chatroom during our LIVE Youtube stream, on Twitter using #SPOOKYLIVE, Facebook LIVE and of course live call-ins (1-877-996-1420).

Tim Weisberg

Tim Weisberg


Chris Balzano

Chris Balzano

Content Director

Stephanie Burke

Stephanie Burke


Matt Moniz

Matt Moniz

Science Advisor

What’s the Show About?

We discuss a range of topics, from Cryptids to Ghosts to Aliens and Everything inbetween. Here’s a meaningless graph to illustrate some of the topics we discuss.

  • Ghosts 80%
  • Legends 70%
  • Cryptids 65%
  • Aliens/UFOs 75%
  • Snacks 93%



Highway Murders – Maureen Boyle/Aaron Cadieux

The unsolved New Bedford Highway Murders, 30 years later. Maureen Boyle and Aaron Cadieux join us to talk about the New Bedford highway murders that occurred between July 1988 and June 1989.

General Talk and Open Lines

With Stephanie back in the Spooky Studio, we kick around the topic of whether or not paranormal investigators should take it upon themselves to speak up when they see others posting “evidence” that is nothing more than pareidolia.

Parapsychologist Peter Haviland

Parapsycologist, hypnotist and paranormal researcher Peter James Haviland joined us this past week. We discussed his work in the field of the paranormal, cold cases and hypnosis.

Open Lines, Creepy Dolls and Bigfoot

We have one of our infamous “Paranormal Potpourri” nights, where we talk about anything and everything and take calls from the listeners.

The Killing of Robert Kennedy – Dan Moldea

We explored the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy with best-selling author and investigative journalist Dan Moldea.

Taking your Phone Calls for our Open Lines Show

We took calls from listeners and delved into some recent weird news regarding a cryptid wolf-like creature shot in Montana.

UFO’Sho’ – Amy Dumas (WWE’s Lita)

We are joined by AmyDumas (WWE’s Lita) to talk about her new #UFOSHO ON ASY Network

Alternate Ghost Theories – Brandon Masullo

Author, psychologist and parapsychologist Brandon Massullo joins us to discuss alternate theories of ghosts. If not dead people, what are they? How do living people influence paranormal activity? We get into all of that, and more.

Battle Over a UFO Monument – Thom Reed

Thom Reed, Judge Kevin Titus and BethWeigand join us to discuss the moving of UFO park by the town.

Weird Fresno – Mike Banti

Our guest Mike Banti of WeirdFresno.com joins us to discuss all things strange and weird in the Fresno and surrounding area as well as paranormal news throughout the world.

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