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Spooky Southcoast has been on the airwaves since 2006. Since then we’ve had shows/podcasts on topics ranging from Ghosts and Hauntings to UFO’s and Cryptids. WBSM has somehow let us keep coming back to do the show every Saturday night here in New Bedford, MA for over 10 years.

In it’s genesis, SSC began with Tim Weisberg and Matt Costa at the helm but has since brought on board scientist at large Matt Moniz, renowned author Chris Balzano and psychic medium Stephanie Burke.

More importantly the listeners and viewers of Spooky Southcoast are as much a part of the show as the “Spooky Crew” with multiple ways of interacting during the show. Whether it’s the chatroom during our LIVE Youtube stream, on Twitter using #SPOOKYLIVE, Facebook LIVE and of course live call-ins (1-877-996-1420).

Tim Weisberg

Tim Weisberg


Chris Balzano

Chris Balzano

Content Director

Stephanie Burke

Stephanie Burke


Matt Moniz

Matt Moniz

Science Advisor

What’s the Show About?

We discuss a range of topics, from Cryptids to Ghosts to Aliens and Everything inbetween. Here’s a meaningless graph to illustrate some of the topics we discuss.

  • Ghosts 80%
  • Legends 70%
  • Cryptids 65%
  • Aliens/UFOs 75%
  • Snacks 93%



Darcy H. Lee – Ghosts of Plymouth, MA

Author Darcy H. Lee joins the SpookyCrew to discuss her research into ghost stories from the town of Plymouth, MA.

Paranormal Potpourri – Porter, Gummy Worms and Ghosts – Episode 518

Tim and Matt discuss all things paranormal as well as answer some questions from our chat room on YouTube. In hour two, Ashley Turner gives us the Week in Weird and Porter from “Haunted Towns” stopped by after an event.

The Murderer’s Maid – Erika Mailman

Erika Mailman joins us to talk about alternative theories of the Lizzie Borden Murder case and her book “the Murderer’s Maid”.

Dr. Andrea Kitta – Urban Legends, Folklore and Slenderman

Folklorist Dr. Andrea Kitta joins us to discuss her work with urban legends, folklore and Slenderman.

Help Lucky

Michael Lucky Lukowiak Lucky was a great friend to all of us and a will be missed dearly. His loved ones and looking to raise money to help with his medical and related costs. Click the Link below if you'd like to help out....

Jeffery Kripal – A Vision of the Unexplained

Jeffrey Kripal joins us to discuss the supernatural world we live in and how the extraordinary exists if we know how to look at and think about it.

TrueGhost.com – Shane Sirois

AUDIO: Coming Soon! Shane Sirois has been helping families and individuals with Haunts and disruption most of his life. He uses his intelligent scientific side, his advanced understanding and his gifts to diagnose and treat any disturbance in any home....

Annual Bridgewater Triangle Show 2017

We explore the Bridgewater Triangle with LIVE investigators out in the field for our Annual Bridgewater Triangle Show.

The Amazing Kreskin

 The Amazing Kreskin joins the Spookycrew. He tells us about his years being a mentalist with his many TV appearances and the exploration into the capabilities of the human mind.

Tales From Dark Waters

Dark Waters joins us to talk about true stories of the strange and unusual from his YouTube page.

Lizzie March to Murder 2018

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