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Help Lucky

Help Lucky

Michael Lucky Lukowiak Lucky was a great friend to all of us and a will be missed dearly. His loved ones and looking to raise money to help with his medical and related costs. Click the Link below if you'd like to help out....

Creepy Clown Time?  Creepy Clown Time.

Creepy Clown Time? Creepy Clown Time.

For some reason, parents believe clown to be entertaining to young children.  They invite them into their houses and point them out at the circus instead of focusing on the people swinging over their kids’ heads. Bozo was a gentle soul, and occasionally a sad clown seen on a shelf can remind people of a childhood memory that didn’t spark nightmares, but there is something unsettling for many people when it comes to our painted friends. There are adults with real terror towards them, and many others just politely turn or cringe when a clown is even mentioned.

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