We explore the new documentary series from Dana and Greg Newkirk, Hellier. The documentary explores UFOs, “goblins” in mines, and high strangeness in the Appalachian Mountains.

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About Greg and Dana:

For nearly two decades, Greg and Dana have traversed North America on hundreds of paranormal adventures in search of everything from traveling paranormal museumlegendary monsters to mind bending psychic phenomena, covering everything in between. They’ve come face-to-face with Bigfoot deep in the hills of West Virginia, successfully orchestrated an alien abduction on North Carolina’s mysterious Brown Mountain, and grappled with angry ghosts in a violently-cursed town in rural Pennsylvania, to name just a few expeditions.

Whether you’re seeking an entertaining addition to your event, need a paranormal expert to consult on your media project, or you just need someone to track down the ghosts in your attic, Greg Newkirk and Dana Matthews are two of the world’s most experienced and unique personalities attempting to solve the world’s most enduring mysteries.

Source: WeirdHQ.com

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