For the first time the adventures of the world’s greatest ghost hunter Donald Trump are revealed to the world. Author Joey Helnnent transcribes these mind blowing tales of Black-Eyed Kids, Haunted Locations and even Trump’s battle with Satan. Hold on to your brains because they are about to explode!


Joey Helnnent explores the paranormal through he eyes of presidential hopeful Donald Trump. How will Trump react to anomalies such as Black-Eyed Children, a haunted house and the battle with Satan himself, what will be his diplomatic stance with the lord of the underworld? Just because Hell has gates doesn’t mean their borders are secure, will a wall be in order? And who will pay for it?

I have so many questions and I can’t wait to find out.

Trump, Ghost Hunter:Believe Me, I know Ghosts: The Paranormal Adventures of The World’s Greatest Living Ghost Hunter seems like a fun read for any paranormal enthusiast with a keen sense of satire, i will gladly pay the $6.66 ($0.99 on kindle) price tag for a book that i will surely enjoy.

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