dean mcmurray military mediumThis week we were joined by 24 year army veteran Dean McMurray “The Military Medium” as he talks about his journey of how he found his gifts and readings from callers.









About Dean:

Dean’s Story

Dean is a native of Northern Minnesota and a 24  year Army Veteran. Today he lives in Fargo, ND with his wife and two children.

Dean was not always aware of his abilities to communicate with spirits. It wasn’t until after an overseas deployment with the Army that his spirit guides decided it was time for him to step into his gifts and they paid him a visit!

Although it was a shocking emersion into this new part of his life I he hasn’t looked back. Everyday he is guided to receive and share the love, light and healing that comes  through spirit.

Dean’s Work

Working as a Spiritual Medium Dean contacted departed loved ones, angels and spirit guides by connecting the earth plane and spirit realm. These souls communicate telepathically through feelings and pictures. No words exist that can describe the intensity of this communication.

As a Clairvoyant Dean receives visions of people, places and things of the past, present and future. His Clairsentient gift means he can also receive psychic senses including smell, taste, and touch. And as an Empath he takes on the sensations of the physical and emotional states of being.

the military medium dean mcmurray

Past Lives

and Reincarnation

Mediumship can

Be Overwhelming

Listen on the Go

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