Could this be the First UFO Sighting of 2018?

The past few months have been a stellar time for the topic of extraterrestrials and UFO disclosure. We’ve had the United States confirm a secret government program for investigating UFOs and released documents from the CIA about the Stargate Program. Just a couple weeks into 2018 and we have our first sighting, this time in Mexico.

Cigar Shaped UFOs

This UFO, filmed from what appears to be inside a vehicle, seems to float stationary in the air. A unconventional trait of this sighting is the vertical nature of the “craft”. When you think of a UFO, you picture a spinning disc in the sky á la “Earth vs the Flying Saucers”, the one pictured appears to be similar to sightings of a cigar shaped UFO spotted over a series days from July 12 to July 29 over Washington, D.C. in 1952.

Viral Marketing?

Is this a viral marketing campaign for an upcoming Hollywood blockbuster? Viral marketing is always in question as we’ve been down this path before, back in 2016 “The Phoenix Incident” used viral marketing and…

“was so effective that the U.S. Department of Justice and Arizona military officials investigated the film makers, and many news media outlets such as The Mirror (a British tabloid), Yahoo News (a US-based news aggregator) and the Business Standard (an Indian English-language daily newspaper) reported the viral marketing campaign as real news events.” – Wikipedia

Also Universal studios was sued for their viral campaign after using the real names of news organisations to promote the movie The “Fourth Kind”.

So What Is It?

It’s good to keep  skeptical eye on this video as the resolution (even in this day and age) isn’t the greatest and the constant movement of the camera makes it hard to really get a good look at whatever it might be, dirt on the window or lost balloon could also be an explanation as well. Beings from another world, flying humanoid or smudge on the window, i’m sure this won’t be the last UFO sighting of the year.

What are your thoughts on this new footage? Leave your comments and theories below.

Source: First Alien Sighting of 2018? Vertical UFO Spotted In Mexico


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